Graham – Fantastic, thanks! Your close connections with these papers are working a treat for us.

Philip Lovett, Nottingham City and County Enterprise and Skills Board, August 2012


After Dinner speaking

Thank you so much for your fascinating and funny talk... "Best talk ever”, members were saying as they left. Well done! It was great to see so many members asking you questions. There were 134 members in the audience, which is a really good attendance.

All good wishes.
Kay Williams Bourne U3A


Copywriting and Journalism

Superb piece, thanks so much Graham, have sent copy on to head of Military History Channel who I’m sure will be thrilled. We’ve got a few more coming up this year so hopefully we’ll be able to do more together very soon.

All the best


Steve Humphries, MD Testimony Films, Bristol

THANK-YOU – it looks fantastic!

Vicki-Sue Brotherhood, proprietor of Indian Summer, re the feature about her life and business on



‘Oprah Winfrey Touched My Elbow’and ‘Terry Wogan’s Hair Weave and Other Stories’ are the titles of my after-dinner talks, both based on anecdotes from celebrity encounters, but I also used to do another talk entitled Graham Keal’s Netwits– based on internet humour, verbal and visual, or eye-popping and startling movie clips. I retired that one a while ago – humping around the equipment for it grew a bit tiresome. But some of the clips in it were funny, some just amazing. Here are some examples from around the world of the kind of thing I mean…


Cadillac may not make great cars, but their Chinese TV ad is quite something…
Solid Potato Salad - Ross Sisters 1944

Japanese magician loses his head…
Escalator or stairs?
Pole dancing bear lets backbone slip
Underground Train Ride in China
Mozart with four hands, on guitar…
As Eric said to Ern, ‘You can’t see the join…’
Don’t try this at home! Stunning Korean trapeze act
Kitten befriend fawn. Slow start, then impossibly cute!
Amazing Chinese paper chair
The T-Mobile Dance
Danny MacAskill, Edinburgh-based BMX genius

German’s breathtakingly brave gliding daredevils. Daring or daft?

After Dinner Speaker

Fresh and funny

Showbiz journalist Graham Keal developed his flair for entertaining audiences early, compering student revues, appearing at folk clubs and auditioning for Opportunity Knocks. He is now an experienced speaker performing at dinners, conferences and club events all over the UK.

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Entertaining and Informative

“My WI ladies thought you were wonderful… You had them all enthralled!” Eileen Johnson, Lincolnshire


“That really was a star performance!”
Newark Rotary Club


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Get an ex-Fleet Street journalist on your case!

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Interesting observations, stories and celebrity encounters

Basically a Blog by any other name – short articles and observations on assorted topics including Off Your Trolley (notes from an inveterate foodie and value-hungry shopper), observations on celebrity encounters and funny stuff culled from Graham Keal’s Netwits – collected humour from all over the internet.


Reuters Entertainment

Live entertainment feed from Reuters










Graham’s lengthening list of celebrity interviewees includes too many to list here – but Ricky Gervais, Hugh Dennis, Liz Hurley, David ‘Shameless’ Threlfall, Victoria Wood, Julie Walters, James Stewart, Omar Sharif and David Attenborough are among them. And Oprah Winfrey, of course.


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